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One Year Ago Today, We adopted MiMi from SAVE, A Friend to Homeless Animals (One of the greatest and most caring places on earth!). Gloria and I along with Sara were making our yearly trip to drop off donations. We were asked to photograph some new additions. The 4th Dog was this tiny 4 pound terrified little girl. She was new to the shelter and had been having a real hard time adjusting along with sporadic eating. We fell in love with her and wanted to bring her home just for the holidays as a foster so she could be in a warm home. Well, she broke our hearts and after a very long bumpy medical road, she has become the happiest of little girls. MiMi (originally Sweetie) does walking hand stands when she is happy and excited. This little girl does them a lot and we just love the twinkle in her eye. For a scared dog who would only bury her head in your shirt she has become the loudest when she wants to voice her opinion. So my dearest little 3 year old, you have stolen our hearts and showed us all how to love even deeper! From Garf, Gloria, Ken, Sara, Nick and GiGi (Your Sister) We Love you so much.

To SAVE, thank you for letting her join our family and for always looking out for our furry friends! We love you all for the amazing work you do each and every day!!!