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High End Professional and discreet photography for that special moment. Let our husband and wife team photograph that special gift that captures time and lasts forever. We specialize in creating a fully customized and personal experience that is unique to your needs.

Our difference?

We capture in your home or at your event using our professional equipment, professional lighting and backdrops making each memory comfortable and convenient.

We include all original images in our pricing so additional photos or sharing images with friends and family comes at no cost and is totally controlled and owned by you. Many popular social media sites are represented on your personal web space and make sharing easy and fun.

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Professionally Customized to Your Needs
Finally, a professional photo studio brought into the comfort of your own home. Imagine your pet or your family or both as the center of attention. We need very little space to set up professional lighting and backdrops to make your in-home experience perfect and professional. Portraits are simple and elegant. Your family pets are comfortable and relaxed because they are in their own environment. All images shown are shot on site.

Most importantly, you own all the images! Unlimited downloading and sharing through many social media programs including facebook and twitter. No prints to buy. While we offer prints, we encourage our clients to download their image and then take it to their local printer for inexpensive prints.

Each image is customized and features a different characteristic of your pet. The photographs collectively will provide a clear appreciation of your pet’s personality and it's natural beauty.We photograph all types of animals that are close to your heart, including canines, felines, birds, and reptiles. Remember, we shoot in the comfort of your own home so your furry ones are calm and happy!

A good portrait will contain at least one element that reveals the subject’s personality, attitude, unique mannerisms or any of the other features or traits that form the individual nature of the person. It will tell us something about the subject. You may have heard someone remark that a particular photographer “really captured” their father or child, for example, in a picture. They are referring in part to the image being a true physical likeness, but what they are really saying is that the image also reveals a significant, identifiable part of the subject’s character.


The wife and I work as a team with the Realtor to add professional pictures to their listing. Each room is photographed using super wide angle lenses. Each room is professionally lit and showroom perfect. We wear booties for a professional appearance and we show the raw images on the IPAD so there is no guessing. After the shoot, each and every image is enhanced, a slideshow with music is created and a set of under 2mb images is also produced for ease of upload to trend or We have also partnered with to add virtual tours to your listing. We take the time to impress your clients with our images and we also bring greenery to add to each picture. You will be amazed how professional images bring in more showings.

Sports Moments

Let us capture the winning goal or that amazing play. Let your child be the winner for the day as he is shadowed by a professional photographer who captures his or her best moves or most amazing vault.

Senior Portrait

Take the pain and rush out of senior portraits and have one taken in your own home. Have your senior relaxed and truly happy with their picture. These pictures can also be used for yearbook photo's

Prom or Special Event
Relaxed pictures in your own home without the rush and hassle of parents taking all the pictures. Enjoy your friends and guests while our photographic team takes all the pictures.

In your home or at your event. Our Husband & Wife team captures each special moment at a price that wont break your budget. We only work with small weddings.

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